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FreeBSD: What's My IP Address? (How To Find Out)

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Need to know your IP address in FreeBSD?

It's very easy to find out.

FreeBSD: What's my IP?

Assuming your network interface is em0, to find out your IP address in FreeBSD just use this command:


(see man page)

Look under em0 (or whatever interface you're using) and you'll see your network IP address.

How do I get my IP address and nothing else in FreeBSD?

Let's say you only want to output your IP address and no other information (e.g. for a DWM status bar or something), use this command:

ifconfig wlan0 | grep 'inet' | awk -F ' ' '{ print $2 }'

In this case, I've used the wlan0 interface (wifi) but you could replace this with em0 or whatever suits you. This will output your IP (e.g. to shell and nothing else.

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