FreeBSD: How To Find A File (Or Directory)

How do you find files (or directories) in FreeBSD? See this guide to learn how.

Last updated: 2023-01-10

How To List All ZFS Snapshots By Default

Why doesn't the zfs list command list all snapshots? Here's a quick shortcut.

Last updated: 2023-01-09

What To Do After A Fresh OpenBSD Install (First Steps)

What do you do first after installing OpenBSD? See this quick guide on first steps for a desktop OpenBSD setup.

Last updated: 2022-10-26

How To Shutdown (Turn Off) OpenBSD

How do you shutdown / turn off OpenBSD? See this quick guide on turning OpenBSD off correctly.

Last updated: 2022-10-17

FreeBSD: How To Run Ubuntu (Or Any Distro) With vm-bhyve

How do you install Ubuntu (or any other Linux distro) in FreeBSD using bhyve? See this quick guide on using vm-bhyve to do this.

Last updated: 2022-10-10