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FreeBSD: How To Add, Delete Or Modify Users

How do you add and modify users in FreeBSD? See this quick guide on the different ways to do this.

Last updated: 2023-03-04

FreeBSD: How To Find A File (Or Directory)

How do you find files (or directories) in FreeBSD? See this guide to learn how.

Last updated: 2023-01-10

How To List All ZFS Snapshots By Default

Why doesn't the zfs list command list all snapshots? Here's a quick shortcut.

Last updated: 2023-01-09

What To Do After A Fresh OpenBSD Install (First Steps)

What do you do first after installing OpenBSD? See this quick guide on first steps for a desktop OpenBSD setup.

Last updated: 2022-10-26

How To Shutdown (Turn Off) OpenBSD

How do you shutdown / turn off OpenBSD? See this quick guide on turning OpenBSD off correctly.

Last updated: 2022-10-17

FreeBSD: How To Run Ubuntu (Or Any Distro) With vm-bhyve

How do you install Ubuntu (or any other Linux distro) in FreeBSD using bhyve? See this quick guide on using vm-bhyve to do this.

Last updated: 2022-10-10

FreeBSD: Where Is xorg.conf? (+ How To Generate New One)

Where is xorg.conf located in FreeBSD? How do I generate it if it isn't there? This guide will show you.

Last updated: 2022-03-21

FreeBSD: Which Shell Am I Using? (How To Find Out)

How do you find out which shell you're using in FreeBSD? This guide will show you.

Last updated: 2022-03-20

How To Fix 'chmod: Operation not permitted' (Even As Root)

How do you fix the chmod error 'Operation not permitted' (even as root user)? This guide will show you.

Last updated: 2022-03-19

FreeBSD: What's My IP Address? (How To Find Out)

How do you find out your IP address in FreeBSD? This guide will show you.

Last updated: 2022-03-18

GatsbyJS And OpenBSD: Outta Luck I'm Afraid

The new iBSD site has been developed from the ground up using GatsbyJS. Problem is: GatsbyJS seems to be an impossibility on OpenBSD for now.

Last updated: 2022-10-12

Love BSD? Get Paid To Share Your Knowledge

Do you love BSD operating systems? Looking for an opportunity to use it to make some extra income? Share your BSD knowledge and get paid for it.

Last updated: 2019-12-13

How To Save Inkscape Optimized SVG's On FreeBSD

If you want to do some logo design on FreeBSD using Inkscape, there are some packages you need to install first for Optimized SVG saving.

Last updated: 2019-08-11

My New Mini-ITX BSD Box + ASUS MB And Nvidia 1660 Ti FreeBSD Fix

This week I built a new, powerful mini-ITX system for FreeBSD and OpenBSD. I ran into a minor issue with my Nvidia 1660 Ti.

Last updated: 2019-08-06

Installing drm-kmod on FreeBSD and Increasing Console Font

Today I'll show you the simple steps to install drm-fbsd12.0 or drm-current and get your console resolution looking right on FreeBSD.

Last updated: 2019-07-20

My Straightforward Guide For Setting Up Poudriere On FreeBSD

Poudriere is by far my favorite FreeBSD tool and one I use almost daily. Here's the step-by-step guide I made for setting it up.

Last updated: 2019-04-27

Hugo vs. Jekyll: Why I Choose Jekyll (FreeBSD)

I decided to test out (Go)Hugo after I built this site with Jekyll to compare the two. As I'm learning Golang currently, I was eager to try it. Here are my thoughts.

Last updated: 2022-10-11

Exhaustive List Of Options For OpenBSD Gamers

Here's a great (and fairly exhaustive) list of gaming options for OpenBSD users.

Last updated: 2019-02-02

New iBSD Site Is Finally Here

I finally got around to building this site for the iBSD channel. First foray into Jekyll.

Last updated: 2019-01-18

coreutils In The BSD's vs. GNU/Linux

In this video, I talk about some differences (and similarities) between core utilities (coreutils) on Linux and other POSIX compliant operating systems like the BSD's, Solaris, MacOS and so on.

Last updated: 2019-01-10

Game Of Thrones Theme Ricing With AwesomeWM On FreeBSD

I spent Christmas ricing a Game Of Thrones theme for AwesomeWM that I'm almost proud of. Check this out.

Last updated: 2019-01-03

My Raspberry Pi 3 B+ NetBSD Project

I recently built an R Pi and installed NetBSD on it where I'm going to use Smashing Dash for a business KPI dashboard.

Last updated: 2018-11-30

How To Make OpenBSD Run Beautifully On X1C6

I finally found a fix for the performance issues I had on X1C6 with OpenBSD. Now it runs like gold.

Last updated: 2018-10-24

LaTeX Is Amazing [Why I Use FreeBSD: Part 4]

LaTeX has been a game-changer for my business. It absolutely destroys conventional doc programs. Here's why.

Last updated: 2018-10-21

Hey Arch Linux Fanboys, Piss Off With Your Arguments

Just because I say that I like BSD, doesn't mean I'm attacking Linux or even making comparisons. Why do Linux guys (especially Arch guys), like to cause trouble?

Last updated: 2018-10-03

How To Change Your BIOS Logo On ThinkPad

I finally figured out how to remove the default Lenovo logo on my ThinkPad and replace it with an OpenBSD logo. Here's how.

Last updated: 2018-10-03

How I Share My OpenBSD Desktop With My FreeBSD Machine

Today I explain how I easily share my desktop between OpenBSD and FreeBSD using vnc.

Last updated: 2018-09-20

Linux Sleep State BIOS Update For X1C6

Lenovo released a BIOS update for X1C6 that fixes a sleep issue on Linux and the BSD's.

Last updated: 2018-09-12

Why I Prefer To Use dwm (suckless) Instead Of i3wm

I'm in love with the suckless philosophy and dwm window manager. It's much better than i3wm. I explain why in this post.

Last updated: 2018-09-06

OpenBSD Performance Issue After Shutdown

I took some time to video a bizarre performance issue on OpenBSD with the X1 Carbon 6th after a shutdown.

Last updated: 2018-09-01

Linux Is A Mess [Why I Use FreeBSD: Part 3]

BSD has a much more sane directory structure compared to Linux. For OCD types like myself, it's a breath of fresh air.

Last updated: 2018-08-18

The Reality Of FreeBSD And Steam Gaming (For Now)

People often ask about using Steam to play games on FreeBSD. I'm afraid you're out of luck (for now).

Last updated: 2018-08-10

How To Use Poudriere [Why I Use FreeBSD: Part 2]

poudriere is simply amazing and one of the best things about FreeBSD. Here's how I use it.

Last updated: 2018-08-07

newsboat As An Internet Frontpage

newsboat is more than a simple RSS reader. It's a powerful and distraction-free frontpage for the Internet.

Last updated: 2018-07-07

Why I Prefer To Use doas Over sudo

In my opinion, doas is one of the coolest little things to come out of OpenBSD. Here's why people should ditch sudo for it.

Last updated: 2018-07-07

Blogging On FreeBSD [Why I Use FreeBSD: Part 1]

I manage several high traffic blogs (mostly Wordpress using wp-cli and vim) using FreeBSD. Here's my general workflow.

Last updated: 2018-07-01

FreeBSD vs OpenBSD On The ThinkPad X1 Carbon 6th

In this post, I share my experience comparing performance on FreeBSD and OpenBSD using an X1 Carbon 6th Generation laptop.

Last updated: 2018-07-01

cava Audio Visualizer Issue On FreeBSD

I've had frustrating issues getting the visualizers in FreeBSD to work.

Last updated: 2018-06-22

Using drm-next-kmod (Intel HD graphics) on FreeBSD

This will quickly explain how I optimized my Intel HD on my X1 Carbon 6th gen ThinkPad for FreeBSD using the drm-next-kmod port.

Last updated: 2018-06-18

How To Fix Headphone + Mic On FreeBSD (X1 Carbon 6th) + Intel 8265 Issues

This will explain how to quickly fix the sound from the headphone jack and microphones in FreeBSD with the X1 Carbon 6th gen (same process applies to many other laptop models).

Last updated: 2018-06-09

The Best New Laptop For Running BSD (and Linux)

I recently purchased an X1 Carbon 6th Generation laptop from Lenovo which is hands down one of the best (new) laptops you can currently buy to run FreeBSD, OpenBSD and Linux.

Last updated: 2022-10-01

Why FreeBSD And OpenBSD Package Management Beats Linux

That catalyst for me leaving Linux for good and moving to BSD was Linux's unstable and unpredictable package management.

Last updated: 2018-04-04

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