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Why I Prefer To Use dwm (suckless) Instead Of i3wm

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In response to questions about my preferred window manager and ricing, here's what I currently use: dwm.

RICE def. verb /rīs/

  • to make a desktop environment or window manager visually attractive

Can you teach me how to rice i3?

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  • @Khizar

    Thanks! I appreciate the feedback.
    My configs have changed a lot since I made this video. I can try and dig them up. I'll add a link to my git repo in the footer shortly.

  • I've been watching your YouTube channel for a while, and i gotta say, this video has made me want to ditch my plasma kde for a complete suckless setup. The only issue is, idk how to make my setup look all cool and elegant like yours, would you be kind enough to share your config.h files :)