BSD Resource List

Here you’ll find a list (which I’ll routinely edit and add to) of resources I’ve found useful for BSD.

Disclaimer: I almost always refer to 100% free resources but will very rarely refer to resources that are not free (which I'll indicate). Occasionally, I may use affiliate links when linking to products and services which help support this site (I'll also indicate these).

Feel free to make resource suggestions on any of my videos.

FreeBSD Resources’s “Resources for Newbies”.

This includes download links and your main, most official go-to resource, the FreeBSD Handbook.

Freshports. “Is such-and-such program available on FreeBSD?” - this is the main place to find out. Follow your favorite ports’ updates, submit your own ports, submit issues for broken ports.

Official FreeBSD forum. Got a question or problem related to FreeBSD? Ask here first.

FreeBSD users group on Facebook. Very helpful place to ask questions.

FreeBSD subreddit. Active community and a great place to ask questions.

Cooltrainer. A very good and concise guide for getting a Desktop up and running on FreeBSD (I think it was put together by a Facebook dev).

OpenBSD Resources The main site is very simple but it includes essential links to downloads and other resources.

Roman Zolotarev. After the official site, this guy should be your next stop for almost anything OpenBSD.

Notable: he’s a proud minimalist with some outstanding shell script solutions, a static-web advocator and one of the most supportive guys I’ve spoken to when I needed help with something.

Undeadly. A full index of the OpenBSD mailing list (best place to stay informed of OS updates, security issues and so on.

OpenBSD subreddit. Like the FreeBSD sub, another active community and a great place to ask questions.

OpenBSD and OpenBSD Newbies groups on Facebook. Active and helpful communities that welcome questions.

Daemonforums. Badly needs to be updated but still a very active forum.

h3artbl33d. An OpenBSD security/privacy extremist (a good thing!). He often puts out great content and observations.


OpenBSD gaming on Reddit.

Mr. Satterly’s exhaustive list of OpenBSD gaming options.

Donovan Nagel

Absolute FreeBSD, 3rd Ed.

Absolute FreeBSD

Absolute OpenBSD, 2nd Ed.

Absolute OpenBSD