About iBSD

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iBSD is all about sharing and promoting BSD operating systems (primarily FreeBSD and OpenBSD) as great and viable alternatives to GNU/Linux (and everything else).

Contrary to popular opinion, the BSD’s are not archaic.

They are not just for servers (though they are incredible as servers).

And they are certainly not Linux “distros” and should never be treated as such.

What’s really lacking with BSD (a term I will use to refer to all BSD variants henceforth) is public awareness.

Everyone knows what Linux is. Non-Mac BSD just needs more fandom.

That’s where I’m hoping to help make a small difference with this site and my videos.

About Donovan

I’m not a professional developer.

I don’t work for anyone or on behalf of any company.

I’m just an entrepreneur who happens to use FreeBSD and OpenBSD as my daily drivers for work. My goal in doing all this is to help popularize the operating systems for normies like myself and show how fun they can be.

Here and on my YouTube channel , you’ll find my experiences learning and tinkering.

Compatible Gear I Use For BSD


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