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New iBSD Site Is Finally Here

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I started my iBSD YouTube channel early last year and it's quickly grown in popularity.

There seems to be a lot of interest in FreeBSD and OpenBSD.

One of the primary reasons for starting my screencasts was that every time I'd go to find some kind of video tutorial, it would be horrendously out of date, poor quality or just plain non-existent.

Linux content abounds but BSD desperately needs more fandom.

Anyway, I decided to whip together a website to go with the channel - something for people who don't watch videos to read and RSS subscribe to.

Here it is.

This was a good excuse to move away from Wordpress (something I've been using for ~10 years now) and try static site building (I chose Jekyll). This site is 100% static which means 99% secure compared to Wordpress and Drupal, no need to worry about plugins breaking and another opportunity to learn new skills.

I deployed a new OpenBSD server on Vultr so this site is hosted on a httpd server with pf in place.

I highly recommend Vultr - I've been simply blown away at how good their service is compared to what I'm used to (I used to use DreamHost bare metal which run on Ubuntu).

I'll gradually build on the content here - post updates and videos, dotfiles and expand on the resources section.

No commenting or forum feature for now.

If you want to discuss anything, comment on my videos on YouTube.


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Donovan Nagel
Applied Linguistics graduate, translator and entrepreneur who uses FreeBSD and OpenBSD exclusively for work.
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