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coreutils In The BSD's vs. GNU/Linux

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Today I want to add another point to my earlier video titled Linux is a mess.

I feel like my previous video didn't do the topic justice and there was a lot more I could have talked about. In this video, I briefly touch on some differences (and similarities) between core utilities (coreutils) on Linux and other POSIX compliant operating systems like the BSD's, Solaris, MacOS and so on.

You can install GNU/Free Software Foundation coreutils in FreeBSD if you want to like this: pkg install coreutils (programs will have a g- prefix).

POSIX compliance is a lot more detailed than this - this is just touching on one of the most obvious standards criteria.

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Donovan Nagel
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  • Site is looking good man, hope to some more content soon.

    P.S. - If you find the time, check out "lbry.tv" apparently its pretty painless to migrate content over from YT and the BSD content is pretty sparse at the moment.