Hugo vs. Jekyll: Why I Choose Jekyll (FreeBSD)

Written by: Donovan / Last updated: Oct 11, 2022

If you can handle the incessant coughing (sorry - I had major allergies living in California!), this one is for the Hugo guys.

A lot of people recommended (Go) Hugo as a better alternative to Jekyll after my last video so I decided this past week to jump into it and compare the two.

Here are the things I like about Hugo:

  • Speed of build time.
  • Asset pipelines in the template.

Things I don’t like about Hugo:

  • Slightly more confusing structure compared to Jekyll
  • Templating is a steeper learning curve

UPDATE: Since making this video and spending more time with Hugo, I now much prefer Hugo. This website has been redeveloped with Hugo from the ground up. As far as traditional SSG’s go, it’s frankly unbeatable.

I now host all my static sites on OpenBSD over at Vultr .

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