How To Fix Headphone + Mic On FreeBSD (X1 Carbon 6th) + Intel 8265 Issues

Written by: Donovan / Last updated: Jun 9, 2018

How to quickly fix the sound from the headphone jack and microphones in FreeBSD with the X1 Carbon 6th gen (same process applies to many other laptop models).

It’s just a matter of finding the appropriate nid and correcting their as numbers. I also forgot to mention that I changed the seq numbers too which you can see in my /boot/device.hints file.

In summary:

  1. Press ‘6’ at boot time.
  2. Turn verbose booting on.
  3. Boot.

Run dmesg and pipe/grep/more to find hda* entries:

dmesg | grep hda | more

Find appropriate nids and adjust their as and seq numbers accordingly.

From what I understand, the seq number is basically like a priority indicator with 15 being the lowest. So you want your internal devices to have a higher number (0 = internal, 15 = jack).

Also correcting a mistake made in my last video about the X1 Carbon 6th gen’s Intel 8265 wireless device - works perfectly (I was wrong and my router sucks).

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