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The Best New Laptop For Running BSD (and Linux)

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I bought an X1 Carbon 6th Generation laptop (highest specs) from Lenovo because I wanted to put *BSD on it. Started with FreeBSD and now settled on OpenBSD.

See here (aff.)

NOTE: Lenovo's ordering and shipping experience is the worst I've ever experienced.

It took over a month to ship and their forum is filled with complaints (I was lucky to receive mine in fact). I recommend ordering from the link above (Amazon) to save time and uncertainty.

The laptop works almost flawlessly on OpenBSD out of the box. A few minor performance tweaks go a long way.

On FreeBSD, you'll need acpi_video and acpi_ibm for the function keys.

Nipple and trackpad are perfect with synaptics.

The usual things that don't work (currently): bluetooth and fingerprint.

Redpill your friends:

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