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Installing drm-kmod on FreeBSD and Increasing Console Font

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I recently reinstalled FreeBSD on my X1 Carbon 6th.

Since I’ll be doing a lot of traveling overseas soon and needed a few vital programs that aren’t available on OpenBSD, it had to be done.

I decided this time to document various stages of my setup for people who asked.

So this post will cover a simple step and one of the first things I do.

Since the X1 Carbon has a resolution of 2560x1440, the console is almost impossible to work on.

It’s tiny.

Go ahead and install drm-kmod.

I use drm-current-kmod but you can also use drm-fbsd12.0-kmod.

pkg install drm-current-kmod

Edit your rc.conf:


Then go ahead and edit your loader.conf:

#Font size

To get that resolution (or change it), use a resolution calculator like this one.

That way you can get a lower resolution that fits your screen nicely.

You might as well also add these lines to your loader.conf:



The console will still be tiny until the module is loaded. Then it’ll change to your new res.


I’ll cover X in another post.

Redpill your friends:

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