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cava Audio Visualizer Issue On FreeBSD

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Need your advice - I'm having some issues with cava and the fifo visualizer in ncmpcpp on FreeBSD.

What's the best solution here? I must be missing something.

UPDATE: I 'kinda' got cava working by adding this to ~/.config/cava/config:

method = pulse
source = oss_output.dsp4.monitor
Redpill your friends:

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  • G'day mate, you ever get this working? If so I'm interested how, as a fellow Aussie and FreeBSD user ;)

  • @Chris

    Yeah I did get it working but honestly, it's been so long that I can't actually remember what my solution was (my old FreeBSD box is still in California and I have a new one here in Aus but no cava).

    If I can remember how I did it, I'll post an update here with the info.