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How To Use Poudriere [Why I Use FreeBSD: Part 2]

August 07, 2018
poudriere is simply amazing and one of the best things about FreeBSD. Here's how I use it.

newsboat As An Internet Frontpage

July 07, 2018
newsboat is more than a simple RSS reader. It's a powerful and distraction-free frontpage for the Internet.

Blogging On FreeBSD [Why I Use FreeBSD: Part 1]

July 01, 2018
I manage several high traffic blogs (mostly Wordpress using wp-cli and vim) using FreeBSD. Here's my general workflow.
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FreeBSD vs OpenBSD On The ThinkPad X1 Carbon 6th

July 01, 2018
In this post, I share my experience comparing performance on FreeBSD and OpenBSD using an X1 Carbon 6th Generation laptop.

cava Audio Visualizer Issue On FreeBSD

June 22, 2018
I've had frustrating issues getting the visualizers in FreeBSD to work.

Using drm-next-kmod (Intel HD graphics) on FreeBSD

June 18, 2018
This will quickly explain how I optimized my Intel HD on my X1 Carbon 6th gen ThinkPad for FreeBSD using the drm-next-kmod port.

How To Fix Headphone + Mic On FreeBSD (X1 Carbon 6th) + Intel 8265 Issues

June 09, 2018
This will explain how to quickly fix the sound from the headphone jack and microphones in FreeBSD with the X1 Carbon 6th gen (same process applies to many other laptop models).
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The Best New Laptop For Running BSD (and Linux)

May 30, 2018
I recently purchased an X1 Carbon 6th Generation laptop from Lenovo which is hands down one of the best (new) laptops you can currently buy to run FreeBSD, OpenBSD and Linux.

Why FreeBSD And OpenBSD Package Management Beats Linux

April 04, 2018
That catalyst for me leaving Linux for good and moving to BSD was Linux's unstable and unpredictable package management.