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My Raspberry Pi 3 B+ NetBSD Project

November 30, 2018
I recently built an R Pi and installed NetBSD on it where I'm going to use Smashing Dash for a business KPI dashboard.

How To Make OpenBSD Run Beautifully On X1C6

October 24, 2018
I finally found a fix for the performance issues I had on X1C6 with OpenBSD. Now it runs like gold.

LaTeX Is Amazing [Why I Use FreeBSD: Part 4]

October 21, 2018
LaTeX has been a game-changer for my business. It absolutely destroys conventional doc programs. Here's why.

How To Change Your BIOS Logo On ThinkPad

October 03, 2018
I finally figured out how to remove the default Lenovo logo on my ThinkPad and replace it with an OpenBSD logo. Here's how.
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Hey Arch Linux Fanboys, Piss Off With Your Arguments

October 03, 2018
Just because I say that I like BSD, doesn't mean I'm attacking Linux or even making comparisons. Why do Linux guys (especially Arch guys), like to cause trouble?

How I Share My OpenBSD Desktop With My FreeBSD Machine

September 20, 2018
Today I explain how I easily share my desktop between OpenBSD and FreeBSD using vnc.

Linux Sleep State BIOS Update For X1C6

September 12, 2018
Lenovo released a BIOS update for X1C6 that fixes a sleep issue on Linux and the BSD's.

Why I Prefer To Use dwm (suckless) Instead Of i3wm

September 06, 2018
I'm in love with the suckless philosophy and dwm window manager. It's much better than i3wm. I explain why in this post.
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OpenBSD Performance Issue After Shutdown

September 01, 2018
I took some time to video a bizarre performance issue on OpenBSD with the X1 Carbon 6th after a shutdown.

Linux Is A Mess [Why I Use FreeBSD: Part 3]

August 18, 2018
BSD has a much more sane directory structure compared to Linux. For OCD types like myself, it's a breath of fresh air.

The Reality Of FreeBSD And Steam Gaming (For Now)

August 10, 2018
People often ask about using Steam to play games on FreeBSD. I'm afraid you're out of luck (for now).