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This is the full list of all my BSD content in chronological order.

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GatsbyJS And OpenBSD: Outta Luck I'm Afraid

Apr 2020
The new iBSD site has been developed from the ground up using GatsbyJS. Problem is: GatsbyJS seems to be an impossibility on OpenBSD for now.

Love BSD? Get Paid To Share Your Knowledge

Dec 2019
Do you love BSD operating systems? Looking for an opportunity to use it to make some extra income? Share your BSD knowledge and get paid for it.

How To Save Inkscape Optimized SVG's On FreeBSD

Aug 2019
If you want to do some logo design on FreeBSD using Inkscape, there are some packages you need to install first for Optimized SVG saving.

My New Mini-ITX BSD Box + ASUS MB And Nvidia 1660 Ti FreeBSD Fix

Aug 2019
This week I built a new, powerful mini-ITX system for FreeBSD and OpenBSD. I ran into a minor issue with my Nvidia 1660 Ti.
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Installing drm-kmod on FreeBSD and Increasing Console Font

Jul 2019
Today I'll show you the simple steps to install drm-fbsd12.0 or drm-current and get your console resolution looking right on FreeBSD.

My Straightforward Guide For Setting Up Poudriere On FreeBSD

Apr 2019
Poudriere is by far my favorite FreeBSD tool and one I use almost daily. Here's the step-by-step guide I made for setting it up.

Hugo vs. Jekyll: Why I Choose Jekyll (FreeBSD)

Mar 2019
I decided to test out (Go)Hugo after I built this site with Jekyll to compare the two. As I'm learning Golang currently, I was eager to try it. Here are my thoughts.

Exhaustive List Of Options For OpenBSD Gamers

Feb 2019
Here's a great (and fairly exhaustive) list of gaming options for OpenBSD users.
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New iBSD Site Is Finally Here

Jan 2019
I finally got around to building this site for the iBSD channel. First foray into Jekyll.

coreutils In The BSD's vs. GNU/Linux

Jan 2019
In this video, I talk about some differences (and similarities) between core utilities (coreutils) on Linux and other POSIX compliant operating systems like the BSD's, Solaris, MacOS and so on.

Game Of Thrones Theme Ricing With AwesomeWM On FreeBSD

Jan 2019
I spent Christmas ricing a Game Of Thrones theme for AwesomeWM that I'm almost proud of. Check this out.